Cheryl Martin


Cheryl Martin, a local to the Rockingham and Baldivis area, is a traditional owner and is part of the Binjarup Whadjuk Clan. Cheryl has spent most of her life in Baldivis and Kwinana areas alongside her 6 siblings and parents, Robert and Theresa Walley.

Many childhood nights were spent living traditionally in the bushlands of Kwinana cultivating and practicing culture. Cheryl has spent many years researching and obtaining her family history through experience using resources and organisation's such as the Department of Indigenous Affairs and the use of oral history passed down by her elders. Cheryl feels a great responsibility to share and pass on what she has acquired over the years regarding her passion for knowledge of her culture.

Having experience as cultural leader and advisor for the community and other organisations through conservation, monitoring and the preservation of Aboriginal sites, Cheryl has built a strong rapport in the community and is very well known, liked and respected. Cheryl's main goal is to positively represent her community while focusing on land preservation and cultural knowledge.

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