Who We Are

Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Corporation

Moorditj Koort is a community controlled, not-for-profit organisation that supports the health and wellness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in WA. Moorditj Koort has a range of programs designed to help Indigenous peoples in our community.

Moorditj Koort was established in partnership with the Aboriginal Community and the Rockingham Kwinana Divisions of General Practice (RKDGP) in 2010.

The need for establishing Moorditj Koort was raised at a community meeting in 2009 in the Aboriginal Planning Forums to create a ‘One Stop Shop’.

The community stated that the biggest issues facing Aboriginal people was the increased number of services engaging with Aboriginal people without visible outcomes.

Our Vision

To contribute to ​healthy and flourishing Aboriginal communities across Western Australia by providing Aboriginal people with access to a holistic ​one-stop-shop for health and wellbeing support.

Our Values

  • Supporting and empowering
  • Keep good health
  • Timely and accountable
  • Respect, Trust, Honesty and Empathy