Cultural Awareness Training

"Training Sessions tailored to your specific needs."

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Why choose Moorditj Koort Cultural Awareness Training?

Moorditj Koort is a well-established and respected Aboriginal owned and operated provider to the Aboriginal community. Moorditj Koort’s footprint covers most of the Perth metropolitan area and now extends into the Wheatbelt. We are also a registered service provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Moorditj Koort sees the provision of medical health services as a key component in the Closing the Gap strategy, and as part of the overarching reconciliation initiatives currently taking place between Aboriginal people and the broader Australian society.

Maintaining cultural beliefs and practices are important factors in the physical and mental health of all people. We believe Cultural Awareness Training is not only knowledge based, but that it also has healing qualities. Moorditj Koort’s friendly, professional and experienced facilitators, invite you to share our culture via information and relevant training for your organisation.


Four Key Elements of the Training Package

Sharing Key Messages

Coming together as a group to share information and experiences, so that we may better understand different cultural views to those considered the norm.

Learning Historical Facts

Opening the door on a history that many Australians are not aware of. A historic time-line is created from pre-European settlement up until the present time.

Gaining Perspective

Our training encourages and challenges participants to look at our society from an Aboriginal point of view.

Increasing Understanding and Communication Skills

By providing new perspectives and historical information with context, participants are better equipped to understand and communicate with Aboriginal people.

Making the Training Yours

Using a process of face to face discussion. Moorditj Koort will set up training to deliver the most value for your organisation.

Get the Results You Want

  • We easily customise the training to your needs (if desired).
  • Moorditj Koort will hold a preliminary meeting at no cost, to determine areas you would like highlighted in your Training Package.
  • The Training Package will be developed and reviewed before being delivered.
  • All costs and fees will be agreed before training commences.