Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle Program 

What is the Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle Program?

The Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle Program (IHLP) brings together a range of free group fitness and healthy lifestyle programs supporting health and wellbeing for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across all fitness levels and life stages.

Visit your local GP for an easy and non-evasive Aboriginal Health Check (715), then get in touch with the Moorditj Koort IHLP team to register your interest

What is a 715 Health Check?

A 715 Health Check is an overall check of your health completed with you by a nurse or Aboriginal health worker, and then reviewed by your GP.

A Health Check is compulsory to register with Moorditj Koort as it will help identify any health needs you may have, providing you with a referral to access help if you need it.

How often should you do a Health Check?

Every 9-12 months. It’s free and it only takes 30- 45 minutes.

Am I Eligible for IHLP?

  • If you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.
  • If you need assistance in creating a healthier lifestyle and getting your goals on track.
  • Once you have completed your 715 Health Check you may join our programs and activities.

What do you do now?

Get your regular doctor to complete a 715 and IHLP referral form.

  • Your doctor will then need to send these documents to Moorditj Koort.
  • Moorditj Koort will contact you once we receive this information.
  • For assistance before, during or after this process, call the Moorditj Koort IHLP team on (08) 6174 7000.

Indigenous Health Lifestyles Program - Brochure

Men's Group 

The programs will include: 

  • Sports and Fitness
  • Health Information Sessions
  • Leaning Culture 
  • Indigenous Arts 
  • Brotherhood 

For more information, please call our office on (08) 61747000