Community Liaison Officer Program (CLO Program)

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

What is the CLO Program? 

The CLO Program works with local community groups to raise awareness surrounding mental health and suicide prevention in the aboriginal community.


How does the CLO deliver their program? 

It does this by providing information, conducting workshops and assisting to direct community members to service providers and professionals. We do not deliver clinical services as we are purely a grassroots information service.


Who can access the CLO Program?

The CLO program is open to all Aboriginal community members. Community members who need information or direction to services regarding Mental health personally, for family or for a friend can access the program. There is no restriction to who can contact us and seek information.


Where does the CLO Program operate?

The CLO program is Metropolitan wide, however, Moorditj Koort is responsible for the Southern sector of the metropolitan area. It takes in the Fremantle, Kwinana and Rockingham regions.


What are the benefits of using Moorditj Koort’s CLO?

The advantages of using us are:

  • Advice and information are given in a culturally sensitive and appropriate way
  • Absolute confidentiality is maintained at all time
  • We are happy to meet with you on your terms where and when it best suits you
  • We are happy to provide information sessions to individuals, groups and organisations
  • We are the provider of choice by the WA Mental Health Commission  for the Aboriginal community in the Southern metropolitan region


Do I have to be a registered client of Moorditj Koort to access the  CLO?

No, anyone can contact our office and speak to our CLO Program staff.


How can I contact the Moorditj Koort CLO Program staff?

The contact details for our CLO staff at our various offices are listed on the back of this pamphlet. Simply contact our office and ask to speak to a CLO staff member and state your preference as to whether you would like to speak to a Male or Female  CLO.