Tackling Indigenous Smoking with Moorditj Koort

Published on Friday, 12 August 2022 at 3:07:26 PM


Moorditj Koort staff would like to say a big thank you to Samuel Stubbs and Zachary Alexander from the AHCWA Tackling Indigenous Smoking Team.

On Wednesday 10th August Samuel And Zachary came out to the MK Medina office to promote and demonstrate the new promotional Ocular VR Headsets AHCWA will be launching in the new future.

Our staff from programs including Kwinana Schools Program, Integrated Team care (ITC) and NDIS were lucky enough to trial the VR Headsets with some staff having a bit too much fun on them.

The Ocular VR Headset have been designed with gaming Software that highlight the dangers of Smoking as a part of the QUIT Smoking Campaign in our Community.

Moorditj Koort were lucky enough to receive an Ocular VR Headset from the AHCWA Tackling Indigenous Team which will be used by the School program, Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle Program, ITC program as well being promoted at all the Moorditj Koort Community events.

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