Neil O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer

Even though I was born in Perth, I belong to the Palyku people, from the Pilbara. I have worked within the Aboriginal portfolio, both Government and Aboriginal community groups, remote, regional and City’s around Australia for over 30 years.

I have several qualifications including, Teaching, Business Management and Indigenous Sector Management, Employments Services, and Corporate Governance. I am skilled in communications including, strategic planning, performance reporting, policy development and submission writing. I have managed large and small Organisations, with financial budgets up to $20,000,000.

I have held positions in various executive roles, from CEO, Managing Director, Executive Director, to Program Co-Ordinator. Directorships have been with Joint ventures and commercial businesses, not-for-profit Community Organisations, and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

 In my role as the Aboriginal Health Co-ordinator I led the development of WAPHA’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). As the lead, I coordinated the RAP Working Group, undertook staff surveys, conducted an information workshop to the WAPHA Community Engagement Committee members, and presented the draft document to the WAPHA Executive team meeting, prior to the WAPHA Board’s approval.

I have drafted several WAPHA management policies including;

  • Culturally Responsive Commissioning, aimed at the giving due consideration for commissioning ATSI services,
  • ATSI Specific Procurement,
  • A measurement tool for organisational cultural competence,
  • An ATSI Employment Policy,
  • A measurement tool or ATSISPEP readiness.
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